Employers & Patients
Here at Medport we have services designed specifically for you.

Whether you are a patient looking for personalized care, or an Employer interested in preserving the health and safety of your employees, Medport can offer you an array of health & care options.

For Employers

Services provided include but are not limited to:

         • Occupational health

         • Injury/illness

         • Pre-placement screening

         • Drug testing

         • Physical therapy

         • Bio metric testing

         • Health & wellness

For Patients

Services provided include but are not limited to:

         • Affordable health care

         • We accept most insurance plans

         • Physicals (work, school, wellness)

         • Travel Medicine

         • Cardiac care

         • Pulmonary care

         • Sleep medicine

Our Products
When it comes to your health, every second matters when something's not right.
Medport provides the residents of the New York City and Northern New Jersey areas with three convenient locations. Located in the JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia airports, we have instant highway access.
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